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UrbaFarm and Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a form of above ground culture and one of the most recent and promising research fronts in the agricultural sector.

Aeroponic Culture

This technique consists of keeping the roots suspended in the air, inside a dark spray chamber to prevent the growth of algae. The nutrient-filled solution is sprayed on the roots at regular intervals in closed circuit powered by a pump. So we have both 100% water availability and 100% air availability, hence the growth performance. The roots, constantly exposed to oxygen and moisture, reach their maximum absorption potential.

What makes aeroponics so revolutionary is the rate of growth of the roots and products generated. Rooting or cuttings in aeroponics surprises with the exceptional growth rate of the root mass. But to achieve this, one must be able to perfectly control the climate of the growing space, because the roots are even more sensitive to temperature differences. Climate control is therefore imperative. In fact, all the parameters of the nutrient medium (concentration of nutrients and their respective proportions, pH, temperature, etc.) must be controlled in order to obtain the best culture results. Optimally applied, this technique achieves a substantial quantitative and qualitative increase in productivity, a reduction in the amounts of fertilizers and water, a significant reduction in energy consumption, and all this with a reduced workforce.

Aeroponic Evolution

When working with aeroponics within an UrbaFarm, it is very important to understand and control the nutrient recipes administered in order to achieve the yield of growth and high quality of the end product expected. It is for this very reason that UrbaFarm is in constant collaboration with certified agronomists to develop our unique systems and processes. 

The UrbaFarm Aerosystems have been designed vertically to optimize the use of space. Since the plants are outside the units, the picking is fast and ergonomic. A water recirculation and reuse system is included to minimize consumption.

Operation of the Aerosystem

The roots of the plants are inside the cylindrical column; because they are bare and in the dark, oxygenation is rapid, which facilitates growth. The vertical position of the sprayers greatly eliminates sedimentation on the interior walls of the Aerosystems. As a result, they are extremely easy to clean and less susceptible to the development of pest and harmful bacteria. The rotation of the Aerosystems makes it possible to standardize the light received and thus avoid the shading zones that hinder growth.


  • Aero Clone: Device designed for cuttings
  • Aero 4 and 8: Designed for growth
  • Vertical design to optimize the use of space
  • The vertical position of the sprayers eliminates sedimentation on the walls of the unit and the blockage of the nozzles
  • Picking facilitated by the fact that the plants are on the outside of the device
  • Rolling mechanism of the device makes the picking ergonomical
  • Demineralization system, recirculation and reuse of water in order to minimize its consumption, thus a pH balanced water
  • Great ease of maintenance
  • The rolling mechanism standardizes the light received and limits the shading areas
  • Continuous water filtration
  • Simple assembly
  • Low water consumption

System Benefits

  • Less greenhouse gases with less transportation

  • Remote access and system automation protects losses

  • Flexibility of the system allowing small as well as large installations

  • Crop planning facilitated by the reliability of the device
  • Continuous production year-round
  • Limitation of losses

  • Insurance at the level of anticipated income from the production of products

  • The optimization of space allows economies of scale.

Competitive Advantages and others:

  • The farm can be enlarged according to the needs of the investor

  • Workforce economy

  • No pesticide required
  • 264 plants using only 16 sq. Ft. Versus 64 sq. Ft. with a hydroponic system, ie 25% of the surface area
  • Installation possible at any location provided with electricity
  • Concern for the environment by its low water consumption (10%), nutrients (30%)

  • Simple assembly
  • Easily washable
  • Pairing multiple crops in the same device
  • The nozzles do not clog
  • Ergonomic operation
  • System rotation eliminates shading areas that are detrimental to growth
  • Low water consumption
  • Great optimization of space providing many savings (lighting, air conditioning, mortgage, taxes, etc.)

UrbaFarm Plan

Visual plans of a configuration of 48 Aero 8 towers on one or two floors

Implantation et Financing

Here is the proposed setup for an UrbaFarm. Each unit measuring 16ft2, which represents the equivalent of 64ft2 of traditional exploitation. In addition, being located indoors in a controlled environment, it is possible to install everything in a room where a power source is adequate.

The image represents an UrbaFarm of 48 units with models Aero 8.

In order to complete the service offer, we are able to assist you in the financing package to help ensure you obtain the financing required to start your farm.

Some types of farms require special permits and we are able to support you in these steps as well.

  • Space of 37 feet by 73 feet for 2701 feet for a single floor
  • Space of 24 X 67 feet for 1608 feet, but on two floors, which requires ceilings of a height of 21 feet
  • Allows easy movement between each machine, facilitating picking and any other intervention with shoots
  • As cuttings and growth machines are similar in size, no special measures need to be considered if the two types of machines are to be integrated in the same space.
1 Story Configuration
2 Story Configuration

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